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Suppliers of PVC and PU Coated Fabrics to the Footwear, Belt, Bag, Upholstery, Automotive and Tarpaulin Industries.

Genuine Leather (Upholstery - Large Hides) We stock a wide colour range of semi-corrected and anniline Automotive and Upholstery hides in a wide range of colours.

Latex Foam for padding in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.

Synthetics range in substance between 0.8mm and 2.4mm. 21 511-5187/8/9 (3 Phone Lines) +27 21 511-1435 (Fax)

Automotive Trading - Pretoria

The Companies being represented by Automotive Trading have a reputation in the market place for being flexible, adaptable and offering excellent service, advise and a wide range of quality products.We strive for maximum plant and resource utilization in an effort to maintain and increase our competitive edge in the market place.
Automotive interior component Suppliers to the Automotive Industry and Upholstery wholesalers, bus, truck & aircraft seat manufacturers, Tent & tarpaulin manufacturers, furniture, luggage, pool cover. etc.

Brits Automotive Systems

Brits Automotive Systems (BAS) manufactures nonwoven materials that are completely synergistic with the world-wide drive towards safer, more fuel-efficient and ecologically-friendly motor vehicles.

BAS manufactures composite and natural fibre (kenaf et al) mat for compression and resin transfer moulding into auto components, furniture and many other non-auto applications.

Feltex Automotive Divisions

Welcome to the official website of Feltex Automotive Division, a leading supplier of a wide range of quality automotive acoustic and trim components.
Feltex Automotive Division consists of six divisions: Feltex Automotive Trim and Feltex Fehrer (Durban, Rosslyn, Port Elizabeth, East London), Feltex Foam (Durban), Feltex Unifrax (Port Elizabeth), Rieter Feltex (Rosslyn) and Feltex Automotive Leathers (Ladysmith).

Gauteng Upholstery Materials

Gauteng Upholstery Materials, established in 1972, has long been regarded as the top upholstery material wholesaler in South Africa. The company specializes in automotive upholstery and trimming materials.
Honeydew and Johannesburg

Integrated Waste Exchange

Waste cleaning cloths, Textiles and Leather waste trading site.

Kehlís Upholstery Suppliers - Cape Town

Kehlís Upholstery Suppliers, stockists of a wide range of affordable upholstery fabrics, vinyls, foam, padding and tools. Kehlís acts as a base from which furniture manufactures, motor trimmers, reupholsters, interior decorators and the everyday home improvers (DIYíers) can acquire what ever is needed for their upholstery needs as fast and efficiently as possible.

logo Sustainable Fibre Solutions (PTY) LTD

Situated in Winterton near the KENAF growing fields is Sustainable Fibre Solutionís multi-million rand, state-of-the-art KENAF plant, the biggest and most advanced commercial processing facility of its kind in the world.

The 8000 square metre plant has decortication equipment from Temafa of Germany and milling and packaging equipment from Van Dommele of Belgium.

Suppliers of Kenaf fibre and Kenaf core, which is used to absorb, drain and neutralise liquids, sewerage and chemical and/or oil spills.


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