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Short Title: Section Index : Training in the automotive industry

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Training in the automotive industry and relates to

MERSETA - Sector Education & Training Authorities

AA Training Academy

We have accredited training facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The Johannesburg Training Academy can accommodate up to 50 apprentice-learners and the Cape Town facility can accommodate up to 20 apprentice-learners.

Automotive Battery Training Manual

Training manuals by First National Battery

Autotech at

This site has come about by the need for information sharing in the Automobile Industry especially for the Automobile Technician. On this site we want to provide an archive of a wealth of information needed by the average Auto Technician

Bosch Service Training

Training is an investment which also allows your technicians and therefore your business to adapt to the changing demands of the aftermarket and in doing so, will maintain the service capability of your workshop.

I-Car - International online Training

Advantage Online technical articles keep you up to date on collision industry information. Published every two weeks via the I-CAR e-newsletter, Advantage Online covers the latest methods in collision repair and offers a look at what you'll need in the future. With its easy-to-access electronic format, Advantage Online provides the most recent technical information enhanced with videos, photographs, diagrams and other interactive tools.

Kigima Auto Electrical Training Centre

Pert Industrials - Automotive Training Series

The Automotive Training Series is one of the most advanced, complete education packages ever produced, and it is suitable for use by students with widely varying technical skills.

The series contains 32 CD-ROM discs covering the complete automotive technical curriculum - just about everything you need to know about motor vehicles and how they work, whether you are servicing them, repairing them, or selling them.

School of Car Audio

To qualify the installers would need to know basic acoustics and electronics and well as box design and fabrication and many more installation techniques.
Courses range from one week to two weeks for the basic and intermediate courses respectively. Advanced courses are only taken once two years or more practical experience in installation shops has been achieved.

South African Metal Finishing Association

The Skills Portal

Training Aids

These items, carefully sectioned for training purposes show every part and are complete in every respect and include all fittings. They are carefully painted in different colours to better distinguish every part, section cuts, fuel systems, lubrication systems, cooling systems, etc. In addition many parts have been chromium plated and galvanised for long life.

Training Centres and Colleges(2)


Welding - AFSA

The welding corner contains all info related to welding. AFSA will be uploading articles and papers here on a regular basis, so please check this section of the website regularly.


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