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Short Title: Parts - Used motor car parts : Index

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Parts - Used motor car parts and relates to South African suppliers of used motor spares , used car parts , used 4 x 4 parts, used LDV and SUV parts available from breakers yards or scrap yards (aka scrapyard) from vehicles that have or are being stripped for useable parts. Secondly the sources of used engines gearboxes that are imported from, in the main Japan, and service providers that facilitate the locating a specific spare part.

See Also :Index to Towing and Recovery services Travel Start logo

This page contains the links that we have indexed under Towing and Recovery sevice providers.

See Also: Index to Vehicle Salvage Services

We found a number of specialists that deal in the disposal of stolen, rebuildable Cars and accident damaged vehicles. These are mainly Code 2 and 3 vehicles.

See Also: Indexed by Make \ Country

A section were links are presented for parts by vehicle make and include Audi & Volkswagen (Replacement), Audi (used), Fiat: Uno's Africa and Volvo Spares, Ford - Parts - Performance, Isuzu: Hayes Motors, Jap Cars - Performance products , Jeep - Spares & Accessories, Korean Cars, Land Rover - New & Used, Merc: CJ Auto Spares, Mini - Old - New & Used, Nissan, Porsche (used), Porsche (used) , Toyota: Caryota, Volkswagen - New & Used, Volvo:Uno's Africa and Volvo Spares

Breakers yards - Gauteng

Scrap yards or breakers yards are listed here for the Gauteng area of South Africa and which are ide...

Breakers yards - Other Areas

Scrap yards or breakers yards are listed here for areas, such as Eastern Cape, Free Sate, KZN, Limpo...

Breakers yards - W. Cape

Scrap yards or breakers yards are listed here for the Cape Town and the Western Cape area and are id...

Engine & gearbox importers

Importers of low mileage and good quality used engines and gearboxes or local low mileage units from...

Info online (Find the part)

Listing of service providers who submit requests for spares on your behalf, to multiple potentail su...


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