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Short Title: Entertainment : Drive A Race Car.

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Various service providers who offer opportunities to drive a track, rally or offroad race car.

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Fantastic Racing

Have you ever wanted to live the dream? Control and drive a Reynard single-seater racing car that pulls 450 BHP/per tonne? To experience a day like no other, where you are simply expected to throw caution to the wind? Well, look no further than Fantastic Racing, where you get the chance to stake your claim as Michael Schumacherís heir apparent - and get the t-shirt!

Ferrari 360 Challenge Advanced Driving

Imagine driving a racing-spec Ferrari, complete with F1-style paddle-shift gearbox, roll cage and racing bucket seats on a real racetrack. Beyond imagination? Not any more. Ferrari 360 Challenge affords you the opportunity to slip behind the wheel of a car offering performance akin to that achieved by Formula One racers. You will reach 100 km/h from a standing start in just 4.1 seconds - the time it takes to read this sentence.

Brought to you by EGOS. (Only in Gauteng at Zwartkop Raceway )

Forza Racing - Ferrari 360 - Germiston

Whether you are looking to impress clients, incentivise staff or find the ultimate gift for someone you care about, the Forza Racing Ferrari Track Experience is not only one of a kind but is an experience that we guarantee will never be forgotten.
Ferrari Maintenance, Ferrari Pre-owned Sales, Ferrari Track Experiences

What you will get is this : Motorsport South Africa racing license , medical coverage as per msa regulations ( for race only ) , racing overalls , helmet and gloves , fully prepped race car , pre race test drive and fitting , race entry , fuel and pit crew , accommodation , food , beer and wine(at home accomodation) , race venue accomadation , prize giving dinner , chaffuered transport to and from airport , offroadsa memorabilia .

Rally self-drive Course

This experience is an advanced rally driving course. It is a compact rally instructional course that will have you at the end of it strapped into a seriously fast, high-speed rally self-ride. Get your knuckles white while driving and while being driven around the specially prepared rally stage where your host will be a professional rally driver. Even though there will be plenty of speed your safety will never be compromised.

Brought to you by EGOS. (Only in Gauteng)


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