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Short Title: Drifting and Spinning : Index

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Drifting and Spinning and relates to sites that provide online news and information about the Drifting scene.

Monstermob - Kimberley Travel Start logo

Drifting, Monstermob are moving at a staggering pace to becoming this country's biggest and best racing company. Can you drift or dice? We have performance parts shops and more. So if you like smoke, tires and a roaring engine and drifting,, a turbo with nos going with the speed of sound down the street of Kimberley, then the monstermob cars will entertain you.

Project D - Forum

Slideways Extreme

Slideways Extreme is a Kwazulu Natal Based Drift Team, that currently competes alongside some of SA's top drifters at various "Drift" circuits around SA. Some of our drivers with over 4 years collective experience, continue to raise the bar & set examples for the up and coming generation.

SupaDrift Series

The SupaDrift Series is a new motorsport combining the best elements of drifting and world-class eventing. Some call it the ‘slideways crayze’,


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