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Short Title: Private Websites : Index

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Private Websites and relates to web sites that would appear to be privately owned and which deal with various automotive subjects, such as an account of a restoration process or the maintenance of a specific vehicle model.

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African Muscle Cars

Interesting info on Ford, Chevrolet/Holden/Opel, Valiant/Plymouth, BMW and Alfa cars of yester years.

Site also has a Forum

Austin 1100 Mark I.

Welcome to, the site that aims to keep as many South African BMC 1100s on the road as possible.
Here you can read about the history of the car, also known as the ADO16, and it's career in South Africa. In time (hopefully) you'll be able to find what you need to keep yours running.
There are also some pictures of a very nice Mark 1 (Austin), assembled at Blackheath (outside Cape Town) in the late sixties and still in everyday use.

BMW E23 M745i

Chris Raulstone's Audi Coupe: "S2"

Hi,I am from Bloemfontein, South Africa and started a new project with my latest play thing, an Audi S2. I bought this car in Johannesburg where it was lying on its belly under a tree for a period of time.

The boot was full of spares, then started picking up the pieces to start the puzzel. It was quite a job, for only 40 of these cars were imported to SA.

Citroen enthusiast Mark Garrod

Craig Zaduck's - Photoshopped car images

Craig Zaduck's personal page. This site contains images of cars which have been modified by me using Adobe Photoshop to look like mean street machines, or as some people put it "pimped up rides"

Forced Induction Productions

Hot car projects. Sentra and Uno Turbo.

Ford F100

Ivor and his Mini

JDM Honda

The aim of JDM styling is to make your japanese car look like the version we never got, i.e: the Japanese spec model. More often than not, the jap spec models featured different headlights, wings and wheels.
JDM is not a workshop nor do we sell Honda Parts.

Jeep: Fool Injected CJ 6

John Brussel's Skyline

Kingsley Holgate - Overland Challenge

Kingsley's reputation speaks for itself and he is probably the most well known Overlander in South African history. He has been Overlanding and exploring with his family for the last 15 years.

Kit Car Projects

A section on private websites that have interesting information about Kit Cars, restoration projects...

Land Rover


Martin's Cars Pages

Pages on Ferrari, GSM Flamingo, Subaru WRX STi, GT40, Lancer EVO IX

Triumph: Triumphs for Africa

This page started because of the interest of people with triumph's and the problem getting connected to clubs and parts.

Custom turbo conversions, usually based on an engine from Toyota's renowned 4A-G series, are showing power gains of 3 or 4 times the standard engine's output, sometimes more! Other engines used in recent conversions include Toyota's 3S-GTE, Mazda's 12A/13B and Nissan's CA18-DET and SR20-DET. There are still only a handful of such cars in most countries, but the number is steadily growing.

Uno Turbo Site

Vintage and Classic



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