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If you have committed a motoring offence, you can use this site to view your offence details and image, as well as pay your fine online

View Fines

Contact details of most Traffic Departments in the various Local Authorities and ablity to view picture on line.


Traffic fines under the best of circumstances are a grudge expense that can be done without and most people who approach us do so in the hope that they can somehow get off their traffic fine. It must be clearly understood that JPSA is not in the business of getting fines squashed so if this is what is required, then it will not be found here.
Link%20Icon is an independent website dedicated to disseminating true and factual information on the abhorrent practice of the use of cameras to issue fines, instead of enforcing the law.
We do not advocate lawlessness or disregard for the law. We regard speeding as a dangerous practice and do not condone it in any way, shape, manner or form. That is why we believe speedsters should be stopped and fined, and where appropriate - arrested – not given a “ticket to ride” in the post. It takes more effort and better trained officers, but it is vastly more effective and provides protection to law-abiding road users.

SA Speed Traps(Gauteng)

We are committed to making this site the most interesting and informative website of its kind - dedicated to everything to do with speed traps.

The site will cover speed trap types and their locations, current legislation and a whole lot more. We are continually adding content so visit often to keep up to date. Feel free to submit the locations of new speed traps in your area, we want to grow our speed trap database and keep it as relevant and as up to date as possible.
Link%20Icon is South Africa's most popular speed trap information website!
These days people don't get a chance to voice their true opinions here in South Africa but here at we feel that this is absolutely important. We want you to tell it like it is...
Also a section on Hijack and Smash & Grab Hotspots


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