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Short Title: Advice and Legal info : Index

These are other pages in this section, that we have indexed under Advice and Legal info and relates to advice on buying a vehicles as well as the various Ombudsman that relate to buying and financing of a vehicle.

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Good bits of advice on buying a car, that we have found to date....


Welcome to Bankmonitor!
In our eighth year online, Infochoice's Bankmonitor provides an authoritative and independent source of information on banking products and services. You can rely on Bankmonitor for accurate, current comparisons every time.

ITI news - Insurance Times and Investments Online

News, articles and developments in the insurance industry.

Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa

Ombudsman for Banking Services

The Ombudsman for Banking Services (OBS) resolves individual complaints about banking services and products. We aim to do this impartially, fairly and confidentially.

Ombudsman for Financial Services Providers

THE OBJECTIVE of the FAIS Ombud is to consider and dispose of complaints by clients against financial services providers in the terms of the FAIS Act

Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance

Our Mission : To resolve short-term insurance complaints fairly, efficiently and impartially


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